Derm Updates

Updates on Home Treatments for Hair Loss 

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a common cause of hair loss in both men and women. This is related to age, genes, and the male hormone androgen acting on the hair follicle. Over time hairs become thinner, shorter and less dense giving a characteristic pattern of hair loss. In males there is initially frontal recession and thinning of the crown and eventually complete loss of hair on the whole crown. In women thinning in seen on the crown but there is usually no complete hair loss

There are many types of home devices for AGA and they are called photobiomodulation (PBMT) therapy and they are grouped into 4 groups

1 the hair comb eg hairmax

2 the helmets eg I grow hairgrowth system

3 the hair bands

4 the sportscap eg Lasercap


Which photobiomodulation therapy works?

The Hair Comb

There are 5 studies on the hairmax combs

A trial of 110 men who underwent treatment for 15 minutes every three days for 26 weeks found the mean terminal hair density increased by 19.8 hairs/cm versus 7.6 hairs/cm decrease in the control group. Although patients reported improvements, it was not significantly different from the control group.

A second trial of 28 men and 7 females treated for 15 minutes for three days over 26 weeks, patients reported increased hair counts by 93.5% and hair strength by 78.9%. The mean terminal hair density increased by 19.8 hairs/ cm versus 7.6 hairs/cm in the control group.

The Helmets

There are 2 studies on the igrow laser helmet.

41 men and 42 women who were treated for 25 minutes every other day for 16 weeks. The men and women both experienced statistically significant results (35% and 37% respectively).

The Hair Bands

No studies yet

The Sportscap

There are 2 studies: One involving seven females and a second study on a single male. The results, which were not published, led to improvements in hair volume in women who were treated for 30-60 minutes for 3-4 days over 3-6 months. The male patient was treated for 30 minutes every other day for 6 months and experienced the same positive outcomes.


Updates on Unwanted Fat

The holidays and festivity are over – it is back to work and school. What is left is some unwanted fat on the tummy or thighs or buttocks. If you are too lazy to work out there is hope! There are two non-invasive, non-surgical treatments you can consider – coolscupting and liposonix. Both are FDA approved and can reduce up to one inch or around 20% of fat in one sitting.

Coolsculpting / Zeltiq

Coolsculpting targets specifically the fat cells at controlled temperatures that naturally triggers their natural fat. It does not affect the nerves or other tissues. The fat cells dies and the body eliminates the metabolised fat. You will see a slimmer contour at 6-8 weeks.



Liposonix system uses high intensity focused ultrasound energy to destroy targeted fat to deliver predicted results after a single treatment. The applicator is moved over the treatment area and heat up the fat cells. Results are seen in 6-8 weeks.