For Men

Men have almost the same medical and aesthetic concerns as women. While most treatments are suitable for both men and women, knowing the unique characteristics of each problem in men will help the dermatologist to tailor the correct treatments.


Hair fall

Most men are troubled by male pattern hair loss. In some it can start in the twenties and treatment must be started early to prevent further loss and to recruit new hair growth. Treatment includes hair tonics, oral pills and laser biostimulation. Get an appointment with Dr Joyce Lim to discuss the various causes of hair loss and the best treatment options for you.

Hair removal

Some men are plagued by infected bumps after each shave. These are the cause of ingrown hairs and the best solution is to remove these hairs by laser hair removal. Some men find themselves too hairy and often seek laser hair removal treatments to reduce the hair density.

Tattoo removal

Tattoos can be removed by the picosecond PicoWay laser.  This new technology removes multi-coloured tattoos more effectively and with less sessions and less pain.

Acne scars and large pores

Teenage males tend to have more severe acne compared to their female counterparts. They also tend to seek treatment later. Hence, it is common to see men seeking treatment for acne scars. Fixed fibrotic scars can be improved with subcision or TCA cross or scar revision. The rolling scars can be improved with skin resurfacing either with fraxel laser resurfacing, Tixel resurfacing, fractional PicoWay resurfacing or hybrid laser resurfacing.

Men have thicker skin and larger sebaceous glands. They are often troubled by the large pores, large oil glands and thicker coarse skin. These can be improved by laser treatments.

Photodamaged skin

Most men tend to look older than their age due to solar elastosis as they are often in the sun and are not in the habit of using sunscreen. They are more likely to smoke which contributes to aging. The brown and red spots and wrinkles can be easily erased with the OPT phototherapy or Fraxel 1927nm Thullium  laser. For more advance signs of aging, the skin can be resurfaced with the Fraxel Dual or Fraxel repair laser or Tixel or fractional PicoWay laser.

Deep wrinkles

Men have thicker skin and more prominent facial muscle mass and dynamic muscle tone.  With age and loss of subcutaneous tissue, these results in deep wrinkles on the forehead or frown line or around the eyes. These dynamic wrinkles can be treated with neuromodulators. Given the anatomic difference in men, neuromodulators treatment have to be tailored to the male anatomy.

Volume loss

Men have less subcutaneous tissue compared to women and developed volume loss earlier. Men can come in for volume replacement by derma fillers. Care must be taken to retain the male features and not risk feminization of the male face.

Body Fat

No matter how much time men spend at the gym, they are unable to remove fat around the abdomen. These can be removed non-invasively using Coolsculpting by Zeltiq or lipolysis by liposonix.