Picosecond PicoWay Laser

What Is Picosecond PicoWay Laser?

The Picosecond PicoWay laser is the latest and most advanced laser technology. It delivers laser light energy in one trillionth of a second unlike the conventional nanosecond laser (which delivers light energy in one billionth of a second). PIcoWay delivers the shortest picosecond pulses and the highest peak power of any picosecond device on the market. It is also the only picosecond laser that has 3 wavelengths (532nm, 785nm, and 1064nm) in picosecond mode.

It clears pigmentation and tattoo ink (including recalcitrant tattoo ink) by photomechanical effects rather than photo-thermal effects(as in a conventional laser) and hence making it more efficient and with less thermal damage and side-effects.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Picosecond PicoWay Laser?

Picosecond PicoWay laser is more effective in treating pigmentation problems and removing tattoo ink. Pigmentation and tattoo ink are removed in fewer sessions with better results and less discomfort and side-effects.

What Is PicoWay Laser Toning?

PicoWay laser toning uses the low energy of picosecond pulses to rejuvenate skin, improve skin clarity and radiance, improve skin tone and pore size and improve skin texture. The laser energy is paint brushed over the skin till the desired endpoint is reached. You may feel a warm sensation. After the treatment, there may be transient reddening of the skin which subsides spontaneously. You can resume normal activities after the laser treatment.

What Is Picoway Resolve Fractional Resurfacing?

The PicoWay Resolve Fractional Resurfacing uses a picosecond holographic fractionator to deliver precisely consistent laser energy to the entire treatment area to resurface the skin. There are 2 resolve handpiece, the 532nm wavelengths to treat shallow lesions and the longer 1064nm wavelength to treat deeper lesions and all skin types, with no downtime.

The PicoWay Resolve Fractional resurfacing treats acne scars and improves skin wrinkles, skin tone, skin brightness and skin textures. Results can be seen after 1-2 treatments.

How Effective Is The PicoWay Laser In Removing Tattoos?

The PicoWay Laser can remove professional, amateur, traumatic, surgical and cosmetic tattoos. The PicoWay laser has 3 different wavelengths – the 532nm, the 785nm and the 1064nm to treat all tattoos of different colours and types. It uses less energy and is safe and has less downtime compared to conventional lasers to remove tattoos.