Skin Care

What Are The Skin Care Products Available?

Dr Joyce Lim uses two range of skin care products:

  • Pharmaceutical Range - which are classified as medication that have ingredients to improve skin problems eg acne, pigmentation, wrinkles
  • Cosmeceutical Range - which are cosmetics with ingredients that can improve skin problems and maintain healthy skin

All ingredients used are medical grade and scientifically proven to work.

What Are The Cosmeceutical Available?

Dr Joyce Lim will customise a skin care regime to suit your skin type and skin problems. She will match the skin care products to the individual patient.

There is a wide range of skin care that caters to the different groups of people. We have products for:

  • The asian skin
  • The oily and acne prone skin
  • The sensitive skin
  • The dry and wrinkled skin
  • The pigmented skin
  • The red skin

There are also cosmeceuticals to prevent skin aging and maintain a healthy skin.